Wycliffe at the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization

Lausanne 2010 Cape town

“Cape Town 2010, held in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance, will bring together 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries to confront the critical issues of our time – other world faiths, poverty, HIV/AIDS, persecution, among others – as they relate to the future of the Church and world evangelization.” — Cape Town 2010 website

“The First Lausanne Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974 was the ‘widest-ranging meeting of Christians ever held’, according to Time Magazine. With over 2,700 participants from over 150 countries, the diversity of this gathering was a testament to God’s work throughout the nations. One of the most notable results of this congress was Ralph Winter’s plenary address, in which he introduced the term ‘unreached people groups.’ People hailed this as ‘one of the milestone events in missiology’” — Wycliffe USA on Facebook.

Wycliffe will be present at the third congress.

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