Why We’ve Been Bouncing Around

Debbie waiting to sit in the back of the truck.

Debbie waiting to sit in the back of the truck.

Some people have asked us why we move around so much. We’ve been asking that question, too.

To be sure, a lot of translation teams live with the people they serve. We could, too, but there are two reasons why we don’t.

First, we don’t serve just one language. Translators from ten different language groups meet together for the translation workshops. When the workshops end, the translators go back home. They understand that our main center is in the highlands and a lot of missionaries live there. They are not surprised we go there when the translation workshops end.

Second, Debbie’s main goal is taking care of missionaries, helping them not get burned out. She can’t do that living in a village someplace, where there are no missionaries.

We tried living at the regional center in Wewak for some months, on the north coast. It’s closer to the translation work than the national center is. We enjoyed living there, and were getting established there, but it became clear that Debbie couldn’t really do her work there. At least, not for now.

So we packed up all our belongings in Wewak and shipped them to Ukarumpa, the national center. We’re renting a house from another family who are on furlough. We’ve been thinking of buying a house on center, so we can have something a little more permanent to come home to between workshops, and so we can avoid paying rent.

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