Why $5 is Special

Five Dollar BillI read a magazine article a year or so ago that suggested that five dollars is the minimum people should give for donations to charitable organizations. The author wrote that anything less does not benefit the organization, because the organization will spend more money processing the donation than the value of the donation itself. By the time I finished the article, I had the impression that a donation of five dollars wasn’t worth very much, and probably was not worth giving.

That’s not true. Five dollars is important. We just received a five dollar donation from someone who used to give much more month after month. That five dollar donation told me the couple is still with us. They are still interested in what we are doing. They took the effort to open up their checkbook to give out of what they had.

As a missionary who benefits from such gifts, I am often in awe of the people who give them, and I don’t think I’m alone. Jesus once stopped to watch people give at the temple. In those days, they didn’t have the privacy we do now. A widow gave two small copper coins to the temple treasury. Jesus said that gift was greater than the rest, because she gave out of her poverty, and because she gave all she had to live on (Luke 21:1-4). God himself saw great value in the tiniest of monetary gifts.

What do you think?

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