Where in the World is Debbie Jane-Diego?

2015-08-26-Papua-New-Guinea-MapMaybe Debbie should wear a red and white striped shirt and cap. Then maybe her kids could find her.

When our kids were still young, the kids’ game show “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” aired. I have long suspected this was inspired by the picture book “Where’s Waldo?” The kids loved looking through the intricately detailed pictures for the tiny figure wearing red and white stripes. They could find him pretty quickly in the two-page pictures. Finding their mother on a map today is another matter.

They know she’s in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and they know PNG is a country in the Pacific Ocean. That’s not the issue. It’s her location within PNG that trips them up.

Just two weeks ago she was seen in the main center for the mission, named “Ukarumpa” after a nearby village. (See the map. I know it’s small, but I worked hard at it, and “Ukarumpa” is in red.) Ukarumpa has an elevation of 5,000 feet, a mile-high town, with a mountain climate to match. When Debbie was there in August for a workshop, the temperature dropped close to the freezing level in the morning, but warmed up to t-shirt weather in the afternoon.

But Debbie didn’t stay in Ukarumpa. Just a few days ago she was seen at the mission’s regional center in Wewak, on the northern coast. (See the map.) This has the humidity and palm trees you normally expect with a tropical climate.

But did Debbie stay in Wewak? Oh, no. She and hubby went to the Aitape West Translation Centre, which is—surprise, surprise—west of the town of Aitape. It’s also west of Wewak, too. (Yup, check the map.) Debbie and hubby will be there for a month one of the massive translation workshops this project is known for.

Would you like to know where Debbie will be October? Don’t ask her kids. Instead, consider getting her a “Where’s Waldo” outfit of red and white stripes. (Kits really do exist.) Maybe then our kids will be able to find her.

Or you could just write her and ask her. She’d loves hearing from home.

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3 Responses

  1. I can almost hear “Rockapella” singing…..
    “Eye” salute you!

  2. Wendy says:

    Bravo! I see the home-school mom coming out in red and white stripes! Entirely entertaining and informative! I adore Waldo too, I’ll take him any day as my tour guide to find you in the jungles, mountains, ocean beaches, and tiny towns. Thank you for this posting that makes me feel a bit more grounded in my prayers for you! Happy very belated birthday!I Loveth you.

  3. Wally Schram says:

    Debbie Jane & Steve: I hope you are getting air miles or something for all this travel you are doing!! My real name is Waldo and I am not sure that I like other people mocking the fact that we are LOST!! I was once Lost but now I am found, Praise Jesus!!!!

    I love hearing from you guys but we would love to see you in Michigan and have you share with Cornerstone!


    Wally (Waldo) Schram

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