We are in Michigan

We arrived in Michigan September 1st, and are already enjoying things like sweet corn on the cob and blueberries. We have a tight schedule lined up for the first three weeks of September (see below). We have weekdays open in October, and the dates after October 22nd are still wide open for us to come visit, too.

Since we are staying in a basement apartment, cell phone reception is limited at best, and email is the best way to contact us. If you don’t have any of our email addresses, you can use the Contact Form here on our website to contact us.

  • September 5: Cornerstone EPC missions, Brighton, Michigan
  • September 6: Cornerstone EPC missions, Brighton, Michigan
  • September 9: Red Cedar EFC missions, Williamston Michigan
  • September 10: Red Cedar EFC church service, Williamson Michigan
  • (September 14-18: Trip to Virginia for a niece’s wedding)
  • September 20-24: Ward EPC missions conference
  • October 1: Lake City EPC church service
  • October 15: Cornerstone EPC church service (?)
  • October 22: North Oaks EPC church service

Image courtesy of Pexels.

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  1. Sherwood Patterson says:

    If you travel thru eastern Ohio and need a place to stay our house is available. Jason & Jamie Brewer were here a couple of weeks ago. We are in Girard, OH just off Ohio 11 and near I-80. We were with JAARS years ago and have made our “empty nest” a hospitality house for missionaries. 2 upstairs bedrooms that sleep 6 with a private bath and an RV for overflow. We would love to host you and get to know you.

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