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More Notes to Self

Fruit juice is sometimes concentrated here. Next time, make sure to add water to the concentrated cranberry juice before you drink it…


Note to Self

Here are a collection of notes I have made to myself over the past month about about how to live in America.

Steve's first arrival in Huya 0

Hello Edolo

The trip went well, and I have been working on learning the Edolo language since then. I plan to return to Huya…

Wheelbarrow with luggage 2

One Missionary’s Four-Letter F-Word

Our driver hadn’t shown up yet, either. We waited for a while, but finally decided to try to walk close to an hour to another village. We would try to find a boat there to take us by ocean to the town of Aitape, and then try to find a truck to take us the last few miles to the airstrip…

Inok and Ere 0

Sharp Nails

I was floundering during the language learning session. He just said what I thought was a full sentence, and I didn’t understand a word of it…