Sebby’s House

Sebby's house

Sebby’s daughter swinging below his house.

Sebby is one of the national translators working with the Aitape West Translation Project, and he lives in the village of Sumo. His daughter was swinging on a swing underneath the “sleep house,” the building with just bedrooms and a veranda (porch) in the front. Various men came to the veranda the day I was there to visit with me. Even the most elderly of men easily sat on the floor.

The back part of the roof is covered with tin, and a barrel collects water for drinking, cooking, and washing. The grass has been cleared away from the ground with a bush knife (machete), and a trench drains away rain from the front of the house. The rain was coming down lightly when I took the picture. The cooking area is in a similar building off to the right of the photo.

At least two banana plants can be seen in the background. They have the broad leaves. The palm in the top, right corner of the photo is probably a sago palm. The people process the trunks of sago palms to produce a starchy staple called saksak. The bigger palms on the left side are coconut palms.

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