Packing, Downsizing, and a Pair of Pliers

Steve's pliers

The pliers Steve had as a kid.

My dad gave me a little pair of pliers some forty years ago. It came in a little metal toolbox with a little hammer and a 12-inch ruler . He painted a red S on the pliers for “Steve”, to distinguish it from my brother’s green pliers. I used it to fix a lot of things. How could I give it up? But then, I don’t really need it anymore. We can’t really take it overseas. A property manager is looking after our house now. Fees for storage have become almost ridiculous, and keeping a lot of stuff like an old pair of pliers doesn’t make much sense. The only choice left is to pass the little green tool along to someone who can use it. Our daughter-in-law got it.

What about the guitar that I bought when I was eighteen? Our youngest son got it, and the memories attached to it. I outgrew my formal Filipino shirt, long ago. Maybe another missionary will find some use for it. I donated it to “The Boutique”, the building set aside for such donations here. What about the set of china we got as a wedding gift? We donated that to The Boutique, too. One by one, items that had survived the house fire disappeared.

What is life made up of? It’s not memorabilia like this. “Life does not consist of the abundance of possessions,” Jesus said (Luke 12:15). Good thing. We have little left but the things that fit in some luggage and a few things boxed up in other peoples’ attics.

Debbie and I are starting a new era in our lives, away from our boys and away from our homeland. Most of our possessions are gone. The new chapter in our lives hasn’t started yet, and we feel some sense of loss over the one that is ending. Please pray for us as we continue to make our transitions into a new part of our lives.

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  1. Ben Pehrson says:

    Hi Steve, wow, this is real. I read this tonight as I took a little break from packing things up on the other side of the world from you and preparing to start on the long journey to head back home to the States tomorrow. After 12 years over here, we’ve accumulated a lot of possessions. It’s difficult to always be in transition, and to let go of precious possessions. But boy, is it ever good to also purge, become more minimalist, and to leave it all behind too. Just don’t forget anything really important, like your Australian visitor’s visa – almost forgot to do that this time! Looking forward to seeing you in July.

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