Steve’s Work

Steve at his old deskMany years ago, in a cold land far away from Texas and the tropics, there lived a lad named Steve. He loved the Bible and other books, and dreamed of becoming a Bible translator someday. He worked hard at a university and earned a linguistics degree. Then he applied to missionary organization of translators. Alas! They did not accept him. Steve eventually found work giving directions to clueless little creatures called “computers.” He married a beautiful, young princess named Debbie and three princes were born to them.

In the course of time, the missionary organization later accepted Steve and Princess Debbie. Computer shepherds who knew something about human languages were in short supply and the other missionaries asked him to work among the clueless creatures. Steve still wanted to translate, but he was told he was “too old” to do that work. So Steve continued computer shepherding and learned contentment in his work. Princess Debbie learned she had a heart for taking care of people. Their princes grew up and began to take their leave to build lives of their own.

Computer shepherding has changed over time, and so has some Bible translation methods. Although a decade older, Steve was no longer too old to work in translation. A very distant nation called Papua New Guinea (PNG) asked him and Princess Debbie to please come. They asked that Princess Debbie care for other missionaries, and they invited Steve to work both on a translation team and a linguist. The couple arrived in PNG in 2014.

To update his linguistics education, Steve finished a year of study at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) in 2014, where many American Bible translators receive graduate level training. He is in a master’s program there, and hopes to finish it in 2019.