Endorsements from people familiar with our past work:

John HeinsI am a translation consultant working with a language in Nigeria and I have the exciting privileged of seeing lives changed through Bibles provided in people’s heart language. Steve Miller doesn’t do translation; he does computer work, but…without him my job would be harder, slower, and the quality of my work would suffer. I need the computer tools he provides. So I guess, in a way, Steve is doing translation work…in many projects…in many places…around the world. I need him. Please pray about what role you can play in his team. Thanks.

— John Heins, Translation Consultant

I have appreciated what Webonary has been able to do for our dictionaries and the support I have had from Steve [and the Webonary team] has been exceptional. The nearly 1 million people that speak these four languages will ‘in a collective sense’ be grateful for Webonary which is enabling these dictionaries to be published online.

— Martin Diprose, Lexicography Consultant


Bob AlberDebbie has had many roles with the MK group. She currently is the leader of the small group to high school ladies. She is prepared each week and varies her methods to keep the youth interested. She has worked well with her partner, Anne Martin.

Debbie has done many things to aid the youth ministry. Debbie has a heart to love on the MKs. She is often with them even outside of MK activities. She has developed a strong relationship with most of the ladies that have come to the MK group. She is full of energy, good ideas, and a resource for many areas of ministry. She has been a great assistance to me as she has served many years in this ministry and continues to help guide me. She is a caring-servant leader of MKs.

Debbie has been very flexible and has taken on different roles when serving in the MK group. Wherever there has been a role that needs to be filled, she has lovingly and willingly filled it and filled it well. Debbie makes things better…whatever she does she does well. She is consistent and committed. The teens can count on her to be there for them in the good times and in the bad.

Debbie is the “Mom” at MK and the youth value the wisdom that she brings in that role. She is the one we count on to make projects for the Cowan and dinners for the group. She is a huge blessing when there is a big event going on as she willing jumps in to help and partners with her friends to get the job completed well. She has been a helper at SKY RANCH each year and has co-coordinated our team game to kick-off the weekend. She has done shopping and crafts for me since she joined our team.

Debbie has been very supportive of me in my role and to others in theirs.

— Bob Alber, Missionary Kids Youth Leader

Rhonda & Mike Cochran…Steve’s expertise in database design and implementation, coupled with his training in linguistics, has been invaluable in the development of our language software. Steve has been learning new skills in software development as he supports our changing development environments and Steve has taken the time necessary to learn enough to be a substantial contributor to its development…

We appreciate your prayer and financial support that make it possible for Steve and Debbie to serve in this way and to further the work of Bible Translation worldwide. Your partnership is invaluable. Without your prayers and financial support they would not be able to effectively do their job.

— Michael Cochran, Director of Language Technology Development

Rob SceboldIn the July 2010 issue of Christian Computing Magazine, author Lauren Hunter wrote, “…Today another ‘missionary’ sits in a cubical writing software that will forever change the process of how Bible translation is accomplished.”

Steve is one of those “missionaries.”

Steve and I have worked together for the past seven years on the software Lauren is talking about–technology that will help translators work more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Cross-cultural language work is very complicated and data intensive. Our software must be equal to the task of handling complexity and tens of thousands dictionary words. Fortunately for us, Steve has studied both linguistics and computer science–a perfect blend of knowledge and skills for the applications we are developing.

I have appreciated Steve’s ability to dig into difficult technical problems. He researches issues thoroughly and articulates all the options well. He is a detail oriented engineer, but also a good global thinker. Steve likes to look at technologies that are on the horizon and consider how we might harness them for the Bible translation movement.

Steve is a valuable member of our team. We are glad to have him.

— Rob Scebold, Project Manager

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