Audio: New Guinea Singing Dogs

According to Animal Planet, the New Guinea Singing Dog is “probably the world’s rarest dog.” The village where I spent the last couple of weeks has a number of them.

New Guinea Singing Dogs

Two New Guinea Singing Dogs

I made two recordings of Singers. If you listen closely to the first recording, you can hear Singers across the ravine singing responsively with the dog nearby. The recording also happens to have some laughter of village kids.


The second recording is a duet of two Singers, probably the two dogs in the photo above.


These recordings were taken in February of 2017 in the village near Huya Airstrip. The location is close to the juncture of Hela, Southern Highlands, and Western provinces. These dogs are obviously not the elusive wild dogs that scientists look for, but they still sing.

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3 Responses

  1. Wow, I enjoyed hearing the critters and kids! So different from our coyotes.

  2. Stephanie Little Wolf says:

    Not singers. Village dogs

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie. Maybe you know something I don’t. As far as I could tell so far, the village dogs I saw are semi-domesticated singers. What makes you say they aren’t?

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