The Scriptures More Available to 33 Million

These websites were built during a training seminar our client services people put on in Manila using our software :

Rejoice and praise the Lord! God’s Word is now more accessible to 33 million people speaking 14 languages. 14 new websites were launched today [October 23rd]. Each site has as a goal to host God’s Word in an minority language of the Philippines. More people can read God’s Word in their heart language. Cell phones and other electronic readers exist where there are no books. Pray for the speakers of these languages to find these sites and read God’s Word. Pray for the Spirit of God to work powerfully through the Word of God to being salvation to many. Pray for minds to be renewed and lives to be transformed.

Praise the Lord that Dennis was able to be a part of the teaching team helping these 14 teams prepare these websites. Praise God for enabling Dennis to work on this in spite of being sick…It was a very special time to see 14 language communities getting a website up and running, and knowing that many more people around the world have greater access to the Scriptures in their language.

–Dennis Conroy, Typesetter and Desktop Publisher

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