Jungle Village

Imagine being dropped into a jungle village. A few people understand English, but you’re not sure who, because they don’t speak it. You have no running water, nor do you have any electricity in the house the people let you use. (None of the other houses have it, either.) You hope the food you brought with you is enough to last four weeks. If you want to travel anywhere, you must go on foot, up and down mountain roads or paths. If you want to recharge your phone, you must find a generator somewhere. And petrol (otherwise known as gasoline).

Steve and Debbie with family

Steve and Debbie with the family at Barigba

Debbie and I just finished four weeks of this life. We used the most common trade language, Melanesian Pidgin, to communicate with our host family and the rest of the village. We cooked over an open fire three times a day. We had almost no privacy. But we learned to love a family in Papua New Guinea.

People have asked for stories and photos. We will be publishing some of these over the next few days. They can’t possibly express everything we saw and felt there, but maybe we can provide a small look into life in the jungle.

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  1. MaryRuth Satterthwaite says:

    These are great stories! Thanks so much for sharing them!

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