It’s So Good

This story comes from one of our linguists:

Just now I had lunch at the ILC cafeteria, where I ran into an old friend, Mary Morgan. Mary just finished teaching a class on Grammar for literacy specialists. She told the people at our table how she and another consultant used Phonology Assistant and FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) as teaching tools.Mary said FLEx was so good that it enabled her students “to teach themselves” – both the use of the software and the grammar concepts they needed to understand.

The three students were literacy specialists from Britain, America and Germany who serve in various locations in Africa. They used Phonology Assistant and FLEx to study an African language. At the end of the four-week course the students wrote papers on what they learned.

Mary said that prior to the course the students had very little if any training in linguistic analysis. However, at the end of the course they had a new ability to understand what their linguist-teammates in Africa were talking about. Their practical experience with real language data using SIL language software helped to make that happen.”

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