Hidden Language Discovered: India

From Associated Press: “A ‘hidden’ language spoken by only about 1,000 people has been discovered in the remote northeast corner of India by researchers who at first thought they were documenting a dialect of the Aka culture, a tribal community in the foothills of the Himalayas. They found an entirely different vocabulary and linguistic structure. Even the speakers of the tongue, called Koro, did not realize they had a distinct language…” This is one example of why the number of languages in the world is in flux. Pray that the Koro people will have God’s Word in their own language so that they too may experience true spiritual transformation.

This post came from the Wycliffe Prayer Focus Bulletin, October 18-24. More prayer information and stories at www.theWordisLife.net and www.wycliffe.net.

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  1. Steve says:

    So this was not so unknown after all. This from Forward, Nov. 2010. Issue No. 16:

    There has been a recent spate of news stories about the “discovery” of a previously unknown language in India. The “discovery” was announced by David Harrison and Gregory Anderson, linguists best known for their “documentary” film, The Linguists, which dramatically presents the challenges and adventures of language documenters. The research leading to this announcement was funded by the National Geographic society.

    The story has appeared on CNN, FOX and in numerous print/web outlets. You can read the story here and here.

    Inspite of the claims in the article (that the language was discovered “at random” in 2008) the existence of Koro as a separate language was documented in the 16th edition of the Ethnologue (2009) in the language entry for Hruso. We reported that Koro had been identified by a 2005 language survey and that it had only 9 percent lexical similarity with Hruso.

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