Healthy Stress

guitarA guitar has plenty of stress in its life. It must, or it wouldn’t sing the way it was made to sing.

The key to the stress on each guitar string is the tuning key. Guitarists use them to make tiny adjustments to the tension on the strings. Give a string too much slack and it won’t do much. Give a string too much tension and it will snap. (Some strings are more high-strung than others and are more prone to snapping.)

The guitar neck is made to pull against the stress of all the strings on the instrument. If you take the strings off the guitar, the neck will eventually warp–unless you also give the truss rod some slack. But then, a guitar won’t sing if you do all of that. A guitar needs stress in its life.

I have heard a lot of people say that a missionary’s life is hard. They are right. A missionary’s life is full of stress. I have also heard many, many stories of how hard life is in Papua New Guinea for missionaries. I expect most of those stories are true. But what if Debbie and I need were made for that kind of stress? What if we need it to sing the way we were made to sing?

Just pray the Great Musician keeps us in tune with just the right amount of tension. We don’t want to snap.

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