Healing Trauma

Sam Smucker, the instructor for the trauma healing workshop, set a bowl of water on the table. He picked up an empty soda bottle. “Pain is like this bottle,” he said. You can push it down inside and you can manage pretty well.” He held the water down in the bowl and picked up another bottle. “When you get hurt again, you can push that one down inside and hold it down okay, too.”

Then he picked up another bottle. Then another. “Now suppose you have more pain you try to hold down.” One of the bottles popped out of the water. “Sooner or later it will come up again.”

“I finally understand!” one of the pastors said.

2015-05-03-Trauma-Healing-Debbie-ThumbnailMore than a dozen people attended the workshop, including four or five pastors. Almost all of them wanted to teach the course in their own churches.
Debbie helped lead this workshop, and this was Sam and Debbie’s first time leading the course in Pidgin. It was good experience. They learned a great deal, and made numerous notes on how to teach it better next time.

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  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing. It helps keep the prayers flowing. May our God of strength give you the strength you need for today (Psalm 59:16-17).

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