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  1. Patricia Wilkendorf says:

    Ah! The sound of REAL rain – the whole world seems to stop and take it in (or at least it seemed to in MY village experience)!

    • Wally Schram says:

      It is the cook season in Michigan now at 91 degrees today but we will be rewarded soon come the hot season in December thru March or April. Who is your weather man Caitlyn J.??

      • Steve says:

        I’m afraid I’ll have to ask that you pity us, Wally. We don’t get American television here. I did a search on “Caitlyn J” and got an eyeful of images on the sultry side–the women here nurse in public but it is generally shameful for them to bare torso or thighs much above the knee. I looked down farther but still have little idea who she is.

        But just so you know I’m not completely out of the loop with pop culture, I can find out pretty quickly who the winner of Australia’s State of Origin games was, if you like.

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