Day 1: Cairns, Australia

Three different kinds of palm trees are in view outside. The breeze is blowing through an open window and the temperature at a perfect 79 degrees. (It’s listed at 26 because the Aussies use Celsius.)  A bird has squawked a few times making us feel that we are really in the tropics, even if the humidity is low.

The lodge we’re in sits partway up the hill, where we can see over some of the tree tops. Off in the distance are some smallish mountains, or fairly large hills, depending on your perspective. There is something about Pacific mountains that has always drawn me, and these are no different. I am just surprised to find them on the Australian mainland.

Debbie and I arrived this morning, after 24 hours of travel. We chose to stop here to work through jet lag and get some rest. I’m glad we did. We’ll be here for a few days.

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5 Responses

  1. kim Lindauer says:

    Glad you and Debbie made it there safely! It sounds beautiful and peaceful! Praying you both feel are able to relax and be refreshed before traveling on!

    God Bless,

  2. Dennis Conroy says:

    Use this time to rest up before you head to PNG.

    Our family (minus one) is staying at a missionary guest house for a couple weeks for r and r (mostly). Thursday we drop off Elizabeth at college. Friday we head to Jackson MS before I start my MA. Next Friday Rhonda takes Abigail to college. Consciously trying to enjoy the last couple of days of relative calm before the next ‘season’ begins.

    Blessings on you transition!


  3. Dad says:

    Oh wow. Sounds like a spot to really love. Unwind. Let God blow thru your hair, warm you and your soul.

    Love, Dad, for Mom too!

    • Steve says:

      Debbie and I went walking today and found a trail today. We saw an Australia more like I would have expected; this photo I found online was taken from nearby. Still, the residential area has a good many palms planted, so they do grow well here.

  4. Mark Vernik says:

    Thanks for posting to Facebook. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures. Will be praying for you and your family.

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