Dark Jungle Path

Philippine Mountain

Philippine Mountain. Photo by “Suntown123.”

When we lived in the Philippines, we visited one of the local villages. The place could only be reached by foot. We traveled the main “road,” going down a steep ravine, crossing a suspension bridge made of cables and planks, and climbing up the other side on bamboo ladders.

Our Filipino friend and guide wanted to preach in the next village up the hill and a few of us went with him. By the time he finished, night had fallen. This is a mountainous area of the world that has no electricity. We couldn’t see the path to get back.

No problem. Our Filipino friend used his cell phone. He pushed a button to make it light up and we could see to walk through the boulders. After a few moments, the phone would go dark. He hit the button again and we would walk farther. This is how we found our way back to the village where we would spend the night.

The cell phone is a device made for words, but we used it to find our way. The Bible is like that. It is an object made up of words, but it lights up our paths so we can see the way to live.

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