News Flash: We’re Okay, but Changing Assignments

2015-04-01-lynn-greyling-powerful-waveAt 1:59 AM this morning, a massive, 10.7 earthquake triggered a 90-meter tsunami off the coast of Wewak. The wave climbed the hill to our flat and overwhelmed it. We were asleep in bed at the time. We were carried in our bed out of the flat and down the hill, until we rested safely on the beach. We awoke to a beautiful sunset and several curious Papua New Guineans. However, we were so shocked to find our bed outside of the bedroom that we have decided to seek a new assignment in the much safer environment of northern Alberta, where there are many more moose than tsunamis. We think that Steve will enjoy the frigid, frozen climate much more there, too.

Happy April 1st.

With love, from your missionaries to Papua New Guinea.

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4 Responses

  1. Carol Oostdyk says:

    Tried to take us for a ride, eh?

  2. joyce prettol says:

    I’ll bet you get lots of hits on your site this April 1st week.

  3. Jean says:

    I should have known, Steve!

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