Answers to Four Common Questions

We are in Michigan now and we have had a few Q & A sessions over the past month. Here are a few of the most common questions we have heard so far.

smoked fish, bananas, and tapiok. Yum.Q: What do people eat?

A: The most common staple is saksak, a starch made from the sago palm. Another common staple are tubers, such as kaukau, yams, and sweet potatoes. They also grow vegetables. The people do have pigs and chickens, but meat is not part of the daily diet where we have been. People on the coast get fish, crabs, and other seafood.

Sebby's houseQ: Why are Papua New Guinean houses built on stilts? For flooding?

A: The people dig trenches to drain off water. The stilts are not for flooding where we’ve been. One reason for them might be to catch the breeze better. It could be to get the floor off the ground. We have seen the space used as storage. Sometimes animals take shelter underneath the house. It could be to help defend against enemy attack. We really don’t know why they do it. It’s just what they do.

Q: What is the main religion?

A: Papua New Guinea is officially a Christian nation. However, it is widely acknowledged that sorcery is practiced throughout the country.

Q: How many people are at the Ukarumpa Centre?

A: The Centre (using the Commonwealth spelling) is our hub of operations in Papua New Guinea. It has more than a hundred houses, a school for missionary kids, our aviation department, a medical and dental clinic, a store, a training centre, and administration offices. People come and go every day, and no one really knows how many people are there at any given time.

(This Q&A was originally sent out in our September newsletter.)

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