Meet the Millers

Hello. We are the Millers.

Miller family photo

From left to right: Daniel, his wife Anna, Steve, Debbie, Isaac, Zach, and his wife Emma

Steve and Debbie

Steve is an author, swimmer, cyclist, stock analyst, bassist, foody, and gardener. A sample of his writing can be found on his writer’s website, SteveMillerInk. He plays a six-string bass and keyboards, but not at the same time. Steve has competed in a half dozen sprint triathlons after turning 40, and he enjoys also growing and cooking fresh food.

Having finished homeschooling her boys, Debbie returned to college in 2010. She is a certified Life Coach. Debbie has also worked with the church youth, and has been active in women’s ministries. She enjoys crafts and reading.

Steve and Debbie have three adult sons: Daniel, Zach, and Isaac.

Anna and Daniel

Daniel graduated from Dallas Baptist University with highest honors in 2012 and started a job as a software engineer shortly thereafter. He continues to be the music leader at the church. For fun, Daniel programs computer games and writes novels. He married his wife Anna in May, 2013. She is a middle school teacher.

Zach earned an Out to the car!associates degree in graphics arts from Cedar Valley College and transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas to study computer animation. He has been a church deacon and works the church sound board. He married his wife Emma on April 1st, 2016.


Isaac graduated from homeschool in 2013 and received his associates degree at Cedar Valley at the same time. He is pursuing a degree in computer science at Dallas Baptist University and should finish in 2018. Isaac enjoys writing, drawing and computer games.