A Crabby Morning

Crab, Wewak, Papua New Guinea

Crab on the Front Patio

I walked out of the front door this morning to find this crab on our front patio, like a guard watching the way to keep me from passing. He always faced those of us who looked at him, but he was not aggressive. He went to hide behind a planter eventually.

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4 Responses

  1. Ruth says:

    Ahh… You have a guard crab!

  2. Wally Schram says:

    Steve: Do you need to worry they will come into the house? That is one big Crab – A crabby-Appleton we used to say to our daughters when they had a Bad attitude!!

    • Steve says:

      Nah, they don’t come into the house. The photo may have distorted the size, too. He wasn’t as big as a snow crab. More like the size of a tarantula.

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